Internal Employee Portal

The challenge

The client was outdated and nearly unused, and they wanted an updated, more user-friendly intranet.

Nexient solution

Nexient owned the discovery to the implementation of the new intranet. This included conducting a deep dive into usability testing to understand necessary user needs and preferences, including a card sorting exercise, surveys, and supervised, remote focus groups to optimize experience for different personas. 4+ rounds of usability testing and prototyping informed the content strategy and development of the intranet website and mobile app.

Additionally, an automated tool was implemented for capturing web content from the legacy site and efficiently migrating ait to the new platform. This enabled us to quickly consolidate over 3000 disparate pages from multiple legacy intranet sites to a single, templated, and easily maintained SharePoint site.

Increased viewability

of site w/o IT support

Simplified updating

without disrupting site formatting

Updated site

and made responsive


Departments, employees, authorized contractors, and partners now view, and easily update site content without IT support, and without disrupting site formatting and navigation standards.  The updated and responsive site supports all types of mobile devices for anytime, anywhere convenience.

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