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Below is a summary of our most recent case study on how a therapeutic startup adapted medical protocols to smartphone technology. To jump right into the full story, click here.

Nexient helped a therapeutic startup adapt medical protocols to smartphone technology. The company’s smartphone platform would be prescribed by a doctor and used as a treatment management tool. The company also had to complete and submit a study to the FDA for full approval of its platform. But first, it needed a software development partner to build the product’s UI & UX  so the protocols would work as an app on a phone.


The architecture and the design had to accommodate a daily regimen for fibromyalgia patients. They couldn’t receive all the information at once. It had to be given piecemeal, as a daily dose. This requirement had implications for the architecture of the application.

Nexient offered a flexible and modular approach to the app development, adding features to the web application so content could be easily modified on the backend to tailor the patient’s program.

To create consistent software, mobile DevOps and automated testing were put in place. Using a mobile-first DevOps platform that is cloud-based for the software development was key rather than retrofitting a web-based platform.

Open source test automation framework Appium was brought in. AWS Device Farm was used to test against a range of browsers and device combinations. Google’s mobile and web development platform Firebase was chosen as the backend.


By the second week, Nexient produced deliverable code based on issues the team had identified — demonstrating a much faster approach than seen with a previous vendor.

The client was also impressed how Nexient’s developers seemed to instinctively know how to produce and deliver items in sync with the design before it was even finished.

It enhanced the trust factor. The initial contract started with a three-month project and was extended to one year. Now it’s an annual contract.

Nexient helped the company go to market with its product, which is being used in a live setting in the clinical field. Nexient is also helping the company roll out new features as the company seeks FDA approval.

Click here to read the full case study.

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