[Webinar] An Agile Mindset: The Nexient Way



Practicing agile in the modern work environment can take many shapes. Across every industry there are different interpretations and methods, often rooted in core agile principles, but augmented to support unique use cases.

On March 29th, 2022, at 1:00pm ET, we’re hosting a free webinar called “An Agile Mindset: The Nexient Way.”  

During the session, we will explore exactly how Nexient thinks about agile, and how our internal experts are working with some of the top organizations to become more efficient, more effective and drive better results for the work they are delivering every single day.

Why do we need an Agile Mindset?

The challenges faced by enterprises today are never-ending. In today’s market, the largest and oldest companies are now facing competition on every side from start-ups, which are usually more agile by default just because of their size and often digital-first nature. In order to compete against this, companies of every size are finding out they need to be innovative like a startup, nimble like a startup, and have adaptable architecture like a startup.

Of course, this is easier said than done (and we know that).It’s one thing to identify the need to be agile and another thing to make it happen, when faced with challenges such as;

  • Legacy Systems: Historically, end of life technologies and teams have worked within silos and “Tightly coupled and monolithic systems of procedural code” and are not designed for agile practices that focus on rapid and frequent delivery.
  • Change Resistance: We have all experienced the skepticism of the efficacy of agile methodologies and because of that there is often difficulty in enacting change that will actually affect organizational culture and processes.
  • Pre-Existing Rigid Frameworks: Pre-existing outsourcing or staffing methods can be at odds with agile methodologies.Additionally, rigid delivery process and organization structure which have been the standard in organizations for years can be hard to change (see point above about change resistance).
  • Lack of Executive Support: If leadership isn’t bought into Agile then all other problems become compounded. Lack of support could stem from any number of factors including perceived risk of job security, changing roles, or losing span of control.

Interested in watching the full webinar and seeing how our team tackles these problems with an Agile Mindset? Led by some of our sharpest minds we will cover what it means to couple agile with other principles to make your methodology even more impactful. You can expect to walk away from the discussion with a clear understanding of:

  • Why you need agile and what an agile mindset is
  • How to maximize the value of agile in your organization
  • How pragmatic agile can help you achieve enterprise business agility
  • How we use these approaches and principles to deliver success across all of the customers that we serve

We hope that you can join us for the session on March 29th, 2022 at 1pm ET, and even if you can’t join us live, if you register below we will deliver the recording following the event.

See you there.

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