Analysts single out Nexient for “cutting out the crap”

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December 20, 2022
HFS Research

In a vast sea of vendors promising they can deliver everything to everyone, have you ever struggled to find a technology service provider that stands out?

Analyst firm HFS Research certainly has — and its analysts evaluate the market for a living.

That's why Nexient was pleased and humbled to learn that HFS research senior vice president Ollie O'Donoghue and colleague Sophie Dickinson wanted to feature Nexient as an example of doing something quite different.

Calling attention to Nexient's philosophy that Life's too short for crappy software (and transparency about what we don't focus on), they write:

“We’re seeing a new breed of service firm that, in some cases, quite literally cuts out the crap and focuses on what they are uniquely positioned to deliver better than any of their competitors…
Nexient focused on the what, how, and why of its customers’ needs, which meant focusing on users’ experience with their software.
Nexient has a luxury that many providers don’t have, which is clarity of purpose… When you have a clear company vision, you attract the clients and professionals that share that view. It pays to be different.”

The analysts cite a study of 473 Global 2000 buyers and advisors as evidence that most service providers are undifferentiated.

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